A Study of Prophecy and the Bible
Is Time Running Out?
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We can now say that we are living in the time of the end.  There is only a short time left.  How long?  Nobody knows.  But if you can read the signs of the times, you can see for yourself that this world cannot last much longer.  All you have to do is look around you to see that somehing is definitely happening to this world.  Calamities are happening so quickly that there is hardly any time to catch your breath between disasters.  The Bible has already predicted the times we live in.  Enjoy these lessons and contact me with suggestions, comments or questions.  Don.

The Story of This Website

I used to work as a contractor with the Federal Government and a group of us decided to start Bible studies at work.  Soon after, it seemed like everyone's schedule became so busy that the Bible studies kept getting put off.  Satan was trying to make it difficult. Shortly thereafter, I was impressed to take the Bible studies that I had prepared in outline form and write them as a story.  As news got around, more and more people expressed an interest in the lessons.  Instead of Bible studies for a group of four individuals, this book was shared with over fifteen individuals, all within a very short time.  When I left the agency, I continued to share this book with others and shortly thereafter, this website was born. Since then this book has been given away to many individuals. I have been told that pastors are using it for Bible study in their churches, and many people are sharing it with their friends, their families and their pastors. I am humbled by the way the Holy Spirit is using this book to reach people.  Praise God for His goodness and mercy to all. May you be blessed as you read this book, is my prayer.
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